Next steps for Psychology students – slides from my recent session….



For those who came along – and those who missed it – I promised to circulate my slides from the recent lunchtime session I ran  for final year psychology students – though all psychology students may find them useful, and all honours students in particular.

You can view the slides here – Next Steps – Psychology Honours Students 2014-15

And for quick reference – I’m linking directly to some of the resources I refer to  in my slides, for research and inspiration, below.

Your Psychology careers pages on the PPLS website, including:

  • Options with your psychology degree
  • My psychology degree – where next? – a downloadable booklet outlining the different psychology careers, how to gain relevant experience, and useful websites to find out more
  • Case studies of recent psychology grads –  a close look at the career paths of psychology grads entering a wide range of different careers, inside and outwith the psychology professions

…..and more

And finally – for those looking to gain experience relevant to clinical psychology – take a look at my recent post on this for ideas and websites to help you build up your portfolio of experience.



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