Teach English in exciting places – for LEL and all PPLS grads…….

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) isn’t just for English or education grads – it’s something that all PPLS grads can – and do – go on to do after graduation, and there are great opportunities to travel as well as teach.

So if you’ve got good communication skills, like working directly with people, have energy and creativity to get ideas and concepts across, want to travel and experience other cultures and be better paid than in a hospitality-type job,  then TEFL teaching abroad may be just the thing for you.

And if you’re in your final year, now’s a good time to research opportunities and apply as there are a number of well-established schemes recruiting now.

If you like the idea of spending some time in Japan, then take a look at the JET scheme for teaching English in Japan

Japan 2

Applications are open now for the 2015 JET scheme and close on Friday 28 November 2014, so get to work on your application now.

And if you’re concerned about your lack of a TEFL qualification or ability to speak Japanese – don’t worry!

  • Formal teaching qualifications are not required  – though you’ll need to demonstrate an interest in education
  • Similarly, you don’t need to be able to speak Japanese – yet!! You will, however, need to show an interest in Japanese culture and researching something about the language will stand you in good stead.

Want to find out more? Come along to:

  • photo exhibition of pictures taken by recent JET Alumni while in Japan, in the Main Library from 10 – 21 November in the Signature Room.
  • an Evening Reception on Thursday 20 November 6-8pm – your chance to chat to grads who’ve recently completed the scheme and get good insights for your application – sign up here

JET aren’t the only players in the Japanese game – other organisations offering English teaching opportunities in Japan include Interac and Aeon.

Want to teach English abroad but not in Japan?  Investigate the many and varied other opportunities!

And last but not least…..

Talk to a Careers Consultant if you’d like to discuss your ideas about teaching English abroad – with so many schemes out there you may like to talk through your  plans and get suggestions and advice.

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