Summer Internships? – time to get researching – some closing dates are looming!

work expereince

Yes, it’s only November, you’ve only just finished researching your Halloween costume and Guy Fawkes outfit, and now I’m asking you to research internships for next summer! Well yes – closing dates are fast approaching for some summer opportunities – and work experience is important  – and you’ll find out just how important, when it comes to moving on from your course…..!

On a quick flick through internships opportunities advertised via MCH, the following caught my eye (there are soooo many more….)

….and sooooo many more – check out the above, and all the opportunities via MCH and the Internship section of our website. And keep checking back – some closing dates, particularly with larger organisations,  are nearly with us – or passed – but more opportunities are posted every day, and some employers will recruit nearer the summer – so keep up to date via MCH and other internship sites.

Important point – not all opportunities are advertised – particularly in media/arts -related areas, so you may need to put your research skills to good use in tracking down internships in areas of work you’re interested in – use our advice on finding unadvertised opportunities from our website.

And it you’re still stumped for ideas for making good use of your next long vacation – discuss your plans – or lack of them – with a Careers Consultant, or call into the Careers Service and ask our well-informed Information Advisers for help with your research.





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