Interested in Teaching after graduation – get some insight and experience!


Grads from all the PPLS subject areas make their way into teaching in schools, (check out the teaching career of one PPLS grad here). And now our ever-popular teaching experience day at Balerno High School is currently open for applications via the Events section of  MCH !

If you’re in 3rd or 4th year and considering applying for a PDGE or PGCE teaching qualification after you graduate then this day is for you!

‘A Day in School’ gives you the opportunity to spend a day in a Scottish Secondary School learning from current teachers and observing lessons. Taking place on Wed 11 Feb 2015, 8:35 AM  3:45 PM, it’s a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the realities of teaching – sign up now  via MCH events section.

If you’ve done any research about teaching as a career, you’ll know how vital it is to have some experience of working with children of the age you wish to teach, and some experience in a school setting. Volunteering with some of the student societies such as CHV (Children’s Holiday Venture), or with LEAPS (Lothian Equal Access Partnership) are just a couple more ways you can gain relevant experience – find more from our web resources on Teaching as a Career .

Here you’ll also find a wealth of information and advice on the different routes into teaching in different parts of the UK, including PGCE, PGDE, school-base routes, routes for researchers, Teach First – and more – check them out!

So if you want to gain more insight into a day in the life of a school teacher, and improve your chances of success in you PCDE/CE applications, sign up for this fantastic opportunity now via MCH!

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