Interviews – practice your STAR qualities – in front of the mirror!


Interview season  – as well as the Festive Season – is upon us if you’ve applied for graduate schemes and internships, and is of course on-going for many of you looking for part time work and after graduation.

I’ve previously blogged on being a STAR in your applications and interviews, and if you’ve ever talked to me about interviews, or had a Practice Interview with me, you’ll know I usually suggest extra practice in front of a mirror to give you an idea of your body language, and how this comes across to an interviewer.

So I was interested to read recently in a careers publication that I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea!

In the article ‘Ways To Recover From a Bad Interview’, the writer also suggests this technique as a way to give you visual feedback, and help with projecting a positive image during the interview.

And as we’ll all go through ‘bad’ interviews (or ones we don’t get!) it’s worth looking at the whole article, for its advice on turning a negative experience into a positive one ie, learning from the experience and putting that learning into practice in the next interview.

Tips on offer in the article include:

  • Reflecting on the interview as a whole – what went right as well as what didn’t
  • turning mistakes into learning points
  • learning to move on
  • getting feedback
  • making the mirror your best friend
  • keep going with the applications!

None of us were born knowing how to be expert interviewees – it’s a learned skill, along with CV writing and application form filling – so you wont always get it right. However, as long as you learn from each experience, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ interview,  just ones where you don’t get the job on offer. You’ll learn something new about yourself, and different organisations, for every interview you do, as long as you reflect on things you’d do differently next time, and put that into practice in the future.

For more on preparing to succeed at interviews, take a look at all our interview resources via our website – you’ll find advice, videos, interview simulators, how to book a practice interview, and more.

And of course you can check out my previous blogs on Interviews via the right-hand side-bar menu.


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