Looking for English/English-related degree grads (most of PPLS grads then!) – ever heard of a Graduate Bid Author?!


Does the list of skills/experience below sound like you?

  • Minimum 2:1 in an English or related degree
  • Sound understanding of English grammar and wide vocabulary
  • Presenting information (both verbally and in writing) in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to deliver in a consistent and reliable manner
  • Can respond positively to changes in requirements
  • Ability to prioritise work and manage time effectively
  • Can work effectively and think clearly under pressure when meeting demanding deadlines
  • Can use own initiative when given actions and deadlines
  • Ability to work with technical specialists and express their ideas in simple, easy to understand text
  • Ability to distil complex information – such as technical concepts from engineering specialists – and present in simple, easy to understand text.
  • Proactive approach to understanding all aspects of the business (Health & Safety, Corporate Responsibility, Community Relations, Risk Management, Commercial and Contract etc) and the ability to clearly communicate this knowledge in submission documents

Apart from the last bullet, this could describe so many students/grads in PPLS (and the last point can be worked on if you’ve an interest!).

This is what you’d need to work as a Graduate Bid Author with the engineering company Costain – probably not one of the first jobs which spring to mind when considering your future options – but look at the ‘fit‘ – it’s great for this subject area!

Find out more (but be quick if you’re interested in this position Closing Date is 24th Dec!)

If this job has made you curious to find out more working as a Bid Author, but you can’t make the closing date, take a look at the website for The Association for Proposals Managers to find out more about the job-area, a vacancy listing, database of consultancies in this area  – and much more. And read the job profile of a Technical Writer for more ideas on putting your English Language skills to use in a more technical area.


And one final point – a job with engineering company Costain isn’t the first idea that springs to mind for LEL and PPLS students – and is a great illustration of how important it is to look beyond job-titles, employers, ‘obvious’ jobs related to your degree etc, .

It’s important to think about searching job-sites laterally for opportunities which chime with your skill-set and interests –  (and if you’re not sure what your particular skill-set is – take a look a some of the reflective exercises in our Career.Ed programme, to help you figure this out) – you never know just what you may turn up that would fit well with your degree and interests.



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