‘Think Ahead’ – another fast-track scheme in the Teach First, Frontline ‘stable’.



You may well have come across Teach First – after all, a number of PPLS grads have gone onto this challenging, though potentially very fulfilling programme which can lead to a teaching or other professional management career.

And I’ve blogged about Frontline before – the fast track social work scheme with young people which could be good experience for clinical psychology, as well as social work or other related careers.

And now there’s a third scheme coming along in England, open for applications in September. This one, ‘Think Ahead’, is a fast track to mental health social work, and again could be a great opportunity for anyone wanting experience (and plan B!) for clinical psychology, (find previous posts on gaining experience for clin psych via the Tabs on the right of the screen) as well as a career in social work .

And this area of work isn’t just for psychology grads – you’ll find grads from all the PPLS subject-areas working in this sector too.

As yet there are few details – you’ll find what info there is here at the Think Ahead website. Sign up via their site to receive further information when it’s available – it could be just the opportunity you’re looking for to launch your career, or gain experience for your clinical psychology career.

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