Going Global – why, what, where, how?! – getting started….


You’re no doubt aware of some of the opportunities for you to internationalise your university experience – via study abroad exchange programmes in your penultimate year,  volunteering and paid vacation work, ‘gap year’ work and travel immediately on graduation etc.

But have you thought about why you’re likely to benefit so much from a period of work or study abroad?

If you’re not sure:

Some of the top things students say they gain are:

  • personal growth and development
  • a much broader perspective on the world and their place in it
  • an international network
  • a valuable boost to their CV

And what better time in your life to do this! You’ve got your long vacations, support for study abroad programmes in your penultimate year, and a wealth of resources to help you find the right opportunity for you, via:

  • Go Abroad – part of the International Office website, and a great starting point for exploring study, work and volunteering opportunities, plus reading about other students’ experiences
  • Your Careers Service. Not only do we advertise global opportunities via MyCareerHub, we also have a whole section of our website devoted to ‘Working and Volunteering Internationally‘ – check it out now!
  • Student Societies – look for ones with an international dimension, from EGP to Tenteneli
  • Checking previous blogposts on international experience – from TEFLing to Clinical Psychology experience in Sri Lanka with SLV – and more…

So start your research now to find the opportunity of a lifetime – you never know where it might lead!

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