Internships – Employ.ed on campus, Third Sector, Saltire ……..

interns-wanted……grab ’em whilst you can – all open for applications NOW  –  all offering opportunities to capitalise on your PPLS skills.

Employ.ed on Campus

Fancy trying your hand at working in a university department – seeing just how broad is the range of professional areas needed to keep a university going – besides the academics researchers?! Then check out Employ.Ed on Campus – over 40 paid opportunities throughout the university, open to second and third year students. Internships on offer include:

  • Market research
  • communications and marketing
  • book collections
  • datebase design
  • website development
  • Beltane fringe intern
  • business intelligence
  • exhibitions………

……the list goes on! Check out all the opportunities, and read about the experiences of previous interns via the Careers Service website and MyCareerHub

Third Sector Internships Scotland

A great opportunity for a paid internship this summer to develop and showcase your skills and experience whilst contributing to the vital work of Scotland’s third sector. There’re three different opening dates for applications, each open for 4 weeks:

  • 30th January, (get moving – these are open already!)
  • 13th and 27th February.

With opportunities including film and video production, research, web development, festival management, fundraising and events, Fair Trade Marketing and Events, Education development, Social media – and so much more – it’s a great start for a career both within and outwith the Third Sector. Check them out via MyCareerHub and the Third Sector Internship website.

Saltire Foundation Internships

Another bite of the cherry! Saltire have re-opened applications for their Summer 2015 Internship Programme, with further opportunities, many overseas.
This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for penultimate year students to gain professional international experience, and get paid! Check out their website now –  deadline for applications is 1pm on Tuesday 24th February.

And read more about one PPLS student’s experience of the programme last year.

For more on internships and work experience, beyond the programmes above, check out the Careers Service website, and opportunities via MyCareerHub.

Want support with your applications and interviews? Get it online via the Career Service website, or book an appointment via  MyCareeerHub to discuss your application a Careers Consultant.

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