A career in Social Research – find out more….


Many PPLS grads are interested in research, and consider research careers in academia. However, there’s more than one way to use your research skills – including as a social researcher in a variety of settings – from Government to voluntary/charity sector to independent research organisations and more.

What better way to find out more about opportunities to use your research skills in different settings, than to go along to the Social Research Association’s (SRA) event held here at Edinburgh next Weds, 25th Feb, 6.30-8.30. 

Find out:

  • What a social researcher does
  • Social research skills and challenges
  • Tips from the professionals
  • The pros and cons of different research industries
  • How to get a job in social research
  • Salary expectations

The panel includes:

  • Sophie Ellison, Senior Research Officer, Scottish Government and chair of SRA Scotland
  • Graeme Beale, Office of the Chief Researcher, Scottish Government
  • Lorraine Simpson, Research Director, The Lines Between Ltd.
  • Andressa Gadda, Research Fellow in Child Protection at The University of Edinburgh/NSPCC Child Protection Research Centre.
  • Anna Marcinkiewicz, Researcher (Social Attitudes) ScotCen

After short individual presentations you’ll get the chance for Q&A and some informal networking. Take advantage of this great opportunity on your doorstep to explore research careers in a wider context – sign up now!

For more on different ways to take a research career, take a look at the Research Services section of our website.

And finally – browse the Case Studies of recent PPLS grads – see how many of them are working in careers with a research element, in a variety of different organisations, from Think Tanks to Market Research to Policy Work and beyond.




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