Publishing, marketing, media, journalism……

CCCF Banner

….film and animation, libraries and archives, and so much more – covered in our CCCF (Creative and Cultural Careers Festival).…all next week, 2-6th March.

PPLS grads thrive in these industries! Read about recent PPLS grads who are working in:

Then check out all that’s on offer in our exciting CCCF next week. Events cover:

  • Film and TV
  • Art Therapy
  • Library and Archives
  • Journalism
  • Books and Publishing
  • Museums and Heritage
  • Digital Media and PR
  • Galleries
  • Music Industry
  • Computer Games and Apps
  • Education and Outreach

Industry professionals will share career insights plus offer inspiration and advice on how to develop your career in these sectors. These sectors can be difficult to crack and don’t always have set entry points for graduates so make the most of having so many industry professionals on your doorstep to talk and network with. Come along to the events to make contacts and find out how you can get ahead.

And for more on all these areas of work, check out our online Occupations information – how to get in and how to get on, in a wide range of different work areas..

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