Life Beyond your PPLS degree…..

Graduation_Thinker_LuMaxArt (1)….yes, there will be life, but what will yours be like?!

To help you work out your path on graduation, we’ve brought in the experts!

Yes, we’ve invited your recent PPLS predecessors to come along and share with you the benefits of their experience, and advise you on how best to prepare, and the things they wish they’d known……!

They’ll be on campus on Thurs 19th March, 5-7.30, 7 George Sq, G32 – so make sure you’re there too – make a date in your diary now!

Grads from across the range of PPLS subjects, and working/studying in a wide variety of different areas – including:

  • Support Worker & Trainer in Social Care Sector
  • Digital Studio Account Coordinator
  • Internship administrator
  • Education administrator
  • HR, Dept Work and Pensions
  • Primary School Principal Teacher
  • VSO Volunteer Tanzania
    Management Consultant

….will talk about …………..

  • their  path since graduation – what they did and why
  • A flavour of what they do now
  • Tips on getting into their particular area of work/study
  • Things they wished they’d known as an undergrad
  • advice they’d like to give you on planning your career now

And after a series of (very) short talks, you get the chance to talk directly to grads over a glass of wine and refreshments – what a good way to end the session/start your evening! And if you cant make the whole session – feel free to drop in and out when you can.

Don’t miss it – your chance to learn what others wished they’d learned at your stage about moving on from PPLS – and enjoy a glass of wine on the house (or PPLS) at the same time – what’s not to like?!

Thurs 19th March, 5-7.30, 7 George Sq, G32

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