Rewarding work…..your summer work/volunteering

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It’s hard not to be aware of the value of work experience and volunteering – I’ve blogged on it many times (plus check the Internship category on the right of the screen), run workshops on internships and volunteering, written handouts (PPLS work experience handout 2015), plus there are whole sections of our website devoted to internships, work experience and volunteering.

Not only can you gain relevant experience and try things out, you also develop vital work-place skills, widen your horizons, discover areas of work you never knew existed! Oh, and if it’s paid work, you’ve also got that all-important pay-cheque to look forward to at the end of the week/month.

However, did you also know you could be rewarded in another way – with the Edinburgh Award (UK Work Experience and Volunteering (summer))! 

Signing up for and completing the Award whilst you work/volunteer over the summer will  help you:

  • identify your current skills
  • work on areas you want to develop
  • learn how to present you work experience to future employers.

Your Award will also appear on your degree transcript (HEAR – Higher Education Achievement Record) when you graduate – future employers will have further evidence of your commitment to personal and professional development, as well as your academic achievements.

If you’re interested, find out more about what’s involved, criteria for taking part etc, and sign up by 12th May. Don’t delay – places are limited!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity for gaining recognition for your labours over the summer – it may just make the difference to your future.


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One Response to Rewarding work…..your summer work/volunteering

  1. mirrorgirl says:

    Great that you blog about volunteering. People who do often find new meaning in their lives and become more satisfied with what they have!

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