About to graduate………what next?!

For some of you the answer is easy: answer

  • start my graduate job with xxxxx (after a relaxing summer post-exams)
  • start my PG course in September after a relaxing summer away from studies
  • start my gap year by earning some money and then setting off …..
  • continue to gain experience for that job/course I want to apply for in the future eg Clinical Psychology
  • etc etc

Well done if this is you, have a great future!

For many of you however, I suspect the answer is less clear-cut – you’re still not sure of an immediate direction, never mind longer-term,  you’re not quite sure what to do about it, panic may be rising…….not to mention pressure from family and friends to come up with an answer to that ‘what next?’ question! what next

But never fear, help is at hand from your friendly and supportive Careers Service – now and for 2 years after graduation – yes, 2 years! (We do Skype interviews – bookable via MyCareerHub), in case you’re wondering about the cost of travel from far flung corners of the globe….plus our information resources via our website are vast….)

So – let’s get startedwhere are you at? Take a look at the categories below – browse those that most closely fit your current situation.

No ideas? Browse the PPLS Careers webpages for your subject – ideas

  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • LEL …………………………and discover……
    • what recent Edinburgh grads have done
    • ideas related to your subject – and beyond
    • graduate stories from your degree discipline

Not clear how your skills, interests and strengths – from your degree and beyond – might relate to different jobs/careers? Try our Figuring out your Career activities – from quick exercises to get you started, to CareerEd – designed to get you thinking about what’s important for you in your future after graduation.

Need experience?

Some ideas – need to research? research

  • use our extensive information and vacancy links for the wide range of graduate careers in our Guide to Occupations
  • Come along and talk to relevant employers at our Grad Fair on 26th May (see above)

Need help with finding vacancies?

Need help with applications and interviews?CV

  • use our online resources – information, advice, recorded talks and videos – on all aspects of the recruitment process
  • sign up for and come along to our sessions on CVs, applications, interviews, using LinkedIn – and more – via the Events section of MyCareerHub

Need reassurance?! – be inspired by recent graduates! Listen to them talk:ReassuranceTop

  •  how being fired 3 times helped Emma to really focus on what her strengths were, and find work that used those strengths, rather than the opposite!
  •  how reflecting on what Lee enjoyed about his university life and degree-subject helped him to move from unfulling work in retail, to stretching roles in finance and consultancy.
  • taking advantage of chance meetings (networking!) secured a first position in marketing for Laura
  •  Alasdair used his passion for IT and liking for the university environment to get his first job in support services at the university

Need individual help with all of the above?

  • book an appointment to talk things through with a Careers Consultant via MyCareerHub,
  • call into the Careers Service (3rd floor MLB)  for help with your information queries from our supportive Information Advisers – no appointment necessary.
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