No plans? No clue? …….

…….if that sounds like you – Get Started Now!


If the above title sums you up as you graduate and move on from your studies, and seem to be stumbling into a black hole – you’ll not be the only one, so dont just worry  – do something!

And we’ve got just that ‘something’ for you to ‘do’ – it’s our new online course

‘No plans? No clue? Get Started Now!’

Mon 6 Jul 2015, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM – Online via Collaborate

If you’re feeling clueless about what to do next,  getting mixed messages about the graduate job market, and think everyone has it all planned out (some will – many wont!), then this informal online session for finalists and graduates is an opportunity to challenge those myths around graduate recruitment and support you in starting out on your next steps as a graduate.

You’ll find more details and sign up via MyCareerHub – and whilst you’re waiting for the course – why not take a look at my recent post ‘About to Graduate – what next?!’ for more ideas on what to do now you’re a graduate, whatever stage you’re at.

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