You’re graduating….congratulations to you all….


….well done for getting to the end of your undergraduate journey.

Enjoy the ceremony, the opportunities to celebrate, party, meet up with your colleagues and friends made on the long road from fresher to graduate.

And then………where next?!Graduation_Thinker_LuMaxArt (1)

This has been a bit of a theme on the blog over the last month, so as you all gather together for a final time, I’m just going to point out for a final time (for this year at least!) the support still available to you from your Careers Service, now and for 2 more years.

Of course you may well already be sorted on your next steps – if so, well done, and enjoy this next stage in your life.

A fair proportion of you however may still be wondering ‘where next?’ and if this is you, we’ve got just the course for you – online ‘No Plan, No clue, Get started now!? – find out out how to take part via our website.

If timing doesn’t suit for the online course, or they’re not your ‘thing’, take a look at my recent post About to graduate………what next?! for ideas, inspiration and resources to support all PPLS grads, whatever subject, or stage you’re at:

  • no idea,
  • no experience,
  • need more valid info,
  • need application and interview support,
  • need vacancy info ……..

….take a look now…..

And finally – positive news from the workplace – the graduate market is buoyant! – plus, grads 2015 have 16% more jobs to choose from too, according to research by Adzuna. Some graduate employers (particularly in finance, though across the board of the large graduate recruiters) are struggling to fill vacancies. Even if these large organisations aren’t for you (many graduates, the majority in fact, work outwith these larger organisations), it’s good news for graduate recruitment market.

So, find your direction if you haven’t already done so (you never know, it may even be one of those financial vacanices – using your stats skills from psychology, or your logic from philosophy!), and start on the path to your future – using the information and advice in the above posts to get you started.


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