Philosophy and tech start-up, management consultancy etc – what’s the connection?

philosophy2….the answer is …..your ability to think critically! Ask any philosophy grad what skills they use from their degree in their work, and top of the list is usually analytical and critical thinking, ability to follow an argument, logic – all variations on your critical thinking skills.

So, you may not see many adverts asking specifically for philosophy grads, but many jobs will ask for your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Management Consultant Lee Madden states:

‘The skills and discipline that Philosophy teaches and instills in you are enormously valuable in your day to day life in business. Being able to read and understand very complex ideas and concepts, identify the most important and valuable points being made and begin to articulate your own views on them is crucial’ (read more here)

Tech start up founder Stewart Butterfield (of Slack Technologies), states: “Studying philosophy taught me two things,

  • I learned how to write really clearly.
  • I learned how to follow an argument all the way down, which is invaluable in running meetings.’ (read the whole article here)

Other recent Philosophy grads, working in very different areas, similarly identify the value of their degree:

  • Philosophy helped me to think rationally and analytically, this makes tackling big problems a lot easier. The ability to break something down and address it constructively is incredibly useful when running your own company. (Director of Media Company)
  • studying Philosophy equipped me with strong analytical skills, which I frequently use in order to make practical predictions and recommendations about the possible impacts and effects of abstract concepts, such as Government policy proposals. (Policy Advice Officer)

So think about where you’d like to use your philosophy skills, and those developed from your interests and work experience. Your  skills can be used in a wide range of different jobs – where would you like to use yours?

For more ideas, check out your own Philosophy careers pages

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