What do Careers Consultants and bank staff have in common……..?

career decision

………contrary to popular belief, they don’t tell you what to do!

I recently had to go to talk to my bank, and I was intrigued to hear words from the bank staff which very much echoed some of the words I use when talking with students about career choice. On being asked to choose from various options on offer at the bank, I was told

‘I can’t tell you what to do, I can only help you to make an informed choice of your own (this was regarding financial products) and they proceeded to give me lots of information so I could make up my own mind what was best for me.

And it’s the same when it comes to career-direction.

Your careers consultant won’t tell you what to do

What we will do, is try to ensure you make informed choices, based on a realistic understanding of what particular careers are really like (not a tele/media/folk-lore/jaundiced etc projection), and how that fits with you as an individual, with your very individual set of skills, interests, strengths (and yes, weaknesses), and priorities.

So don’t come to us to be told what to do – come to us for:

  • thinking about what’s important for you in your life’s work, and finding or creating your own path (Figuring out your career).
  • ideas on how/where to start with ideas and researching options, (PPLS specific; general etc), gain experience etc
  • who to speak to and how (eg direct alumni contact via ConnectEd – access via careers channel on MyEd; at employer events (search on MyCareerHub); via social media etc),

……….as well as support with everything to do with the selection process – CVs, applications, interviews, selection centres ……and more.

It’s your future, it’s your choice. We’ll help you ensure it’s an informed choice. Book an appointment via MyCareerHub .


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