Your PPLS degree and Market Research – check it out!


I’ve blogged in the past about careers in various different areas of marketing (check them out via the tabs on the right), as there are lots of areas to use your PPLS skills and knowledge. And if you take a quick look at where PPLS grads end up working, you’ll not look long before you find some in marketing or market research. The Careers Service itself has employed psychology and philosophy graduates in marketing roles, and you’ll find case studies of LEL and psychology grads in marketing-related roles on the case-study blog).

So if you want to put your research and other skills (including analytical thinking, persuasive writing and an ability to distil information, your stats skills, or your skills as an interviewer gathering qualitative research) to good use  –  take a look at this interesting article in the Guardian which highlights ‘how to get a career in market research’.

And check out the Careers Service website for more on Marketing and Market Research careers – information, links and vacancy sources.



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