Don’t wait for the work-experience advert to come to you – go out and get it….


If you wait for adverts to appear offering work experience in some job areas, particularly media-related, you could be waiting a long time, and when they do put in a rare appearance – you’ll be fighting off lots of competition.

So it pays to go out and find the experience yourself via following leads and networking. Read on to see an example of a student doing exactly that over this summer.

‘I went to a Alumni event back in May (Jon Snow from Channel 4 was doing a talk), and one of the panellists in the Q&A session was the editor of The Scotsman, as there was a meet and greet afterwards I made sure I caught him, had a chat, he gave me his card and said to email him about some work experience. I did, and got no response, so emailed him another couple of times before getting a positive response!’

His positive outcome is a result of several things:

  • active exploration of the job area by going to relevant events
  • being able to talk about himself and his interest in journalism with people who could be helpful
  • being (politely) persistent and not being put off by getting no response in the first instance

Find out more about how to be successful with this approach via our information on Finding Unadvertised Jobs, and Using Social Media in your job-exploration.

Happy Networking!

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