Testing times if you’re applying for grad schemes – be prepared …..

numericalIf you’re applying for grad schemes or internships with the big organisations, you’ll probably have some psychometric tests coming up (verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, situational judgement etc), and these tests don’t seem to be anyone’s idea of fun…

Early preparation and practice are SO important, as these tests sometimes come even before you have submitted an application – or you don’t get much time between applying and sitting the test.

Luckily there are lots of ways you can get support with this. Take a look at all our resources on different types of tests, including chances to practice, via the Careers Service website.

This year we are also trying something new! On November 9th, two of your fellow students who act as Maths Buddies will be helping us run a ‘Test Ready’ workshop.

If you haven’t touched “maths” since school and you’re more than little rusty on the basics, come along to our Test Ready session, where you’ll be guided through examples, and have the chance to practice.

This is your chance to brush up on ratios, percentages, averages and more – and get tips on improving your speed and accuracy when you sit the tests.

Interested? Book now on MyCareerHub – we’re expecting this session to be popular so book early. Also, I want to stress that if you find you can’t attend please cancel your booking rather than just not turning up, so that another student has the opportunity to benefit.

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2 Responses to Testing times if you’re applying for grad schemes – be prepared …..

  1. Lee Madden says:

    Great article – as someone who went through the Grad Scheme application process, this is all really valid and relevant information. I’ve also sat on the interview panel and what interviewers tend to look for are :

    1. Personality – bring out your self confidence and show what you’re like as a person. A lot of your professional life is about showing you can work well with others and being relaxed and personable is a great way to show that

    2. Differentiate – think about one or two things that will make you stand out. Have you a passing interest in Japanese history? Did you once travel hitch-hike to rome? have you an ambition to climb Everest? it doesn’t matter – having something that will help you stand out in the minds of the interviewers always help.

    3. Research – show you know a bit about the company, if not the role and have an interest in what they do. this will also help the conversation flow and allow you to talk about not just what you can do, but why you want to do it, and showing motivation and professional interest goes a long way!

    Remember – the starting assumption when people interview graduates is that your bright, intelligent and academically sound, the ones that stand out do so because they understand how their academic skills translate to the real world and bring more to the tablet than just being smart.

  2. janetforsyth says:

    Many thanks for this Lee – excellent advice for anyone attending interviews.

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