Your ‘interview face’…..


….aka your ‘game face’! We’re all multifaceted creatures, and have different facets or faces we show to the world in different situations. So when you’re next invited to  an interview, make sure this is the ‘face’ you show them, rather than you ‘private face’.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about – take a look at this recent video from the Guardian website, where psychotherapist and agony aunt Philippa Perry responds to a graduate who finds it hard to be herself in job interviews. She says it’s about hiding your private face and enjoying your ‘game face’.

As we move into interview season, for internships, graduate schemes and more, take a look at my previous posts on interviews below (find yet more via the tags!), and get brushing up your interview skills, and practicing your ‘interview, or game face’!

Interviews – practice your STAR qualities – in front of the mirror!

Secrets of successful interviews…….


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