Turn career-fear into career-confidence……

You’ve been fielding those well-intentioned but potentially scary questions from family and friends all through the Christmas break…..got something lined up for when you graduate?… found out about jobs at xyz? …talked to so&so yet about openings? …and other variations on the same theme.

You’ve got your stock answers off perfectly – (you’ve used them often enough….!) ‘well I’m thinking of applying for x,y,z; taking a gap year ‘ etc etc – enough to stall them and move on to safer topics….‘another glass?’….’mince pie?’

Despite confident exteriors, many students are much more fearful of the future on the inside – which is where our Career Confident week comes in!

CareerConfident logo (400 x 80)

It can be tough moving on from the familiarity and relative security of education into the big wide world of work, so tips / advice from those who’ve gone before – and survived – are very welcome – and we’ve got plenty for you!

See what’s on offer in our Career Confident week – 18th-22nd Jan – we could have just what you need to turn career-fear into career-confidence.

CareerConfident logo (400 x 80)

The week-long programme will cover everything from professionalism and workplace culture to developing your online presence for the job market:

  • Uncertain about the skills you’ll need in the workplace? – hear it from employers, including the BBC, Ernst & Young, Frontline and Decathlon, plus how to develop and demonstrate them
  • Not sure how to ‘pitch’ your experience to make it interesting to an employer and develop your professional network? – get advice from our careers consultants.
  • Unsure about workplace etiquette? – discuss workplace Dos and Don’ts in our speaker session with recent graduates
  • Want to know more about different work environments and cultures? Visit local employers in Edinburgh to gain an insight into different working environments
  • Know you need to get LinkedIn, but not sure how? – learn how to enhance your professional online presence and get a free professional headshot to use on your profile

Check out the full programme here – find out more about the individual CareerConfident events plus book your place via MyCareerHub.

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