A publishing career in periodicals………..

IM00………..read Nikki’s (PPA business manager) slides from her recent session –  Periodicals Publishing Association Presentation Jan 2016.

In her session, Nikki emphasised:

  • the value of this area of publishing to the Scottish economy, (£154m)
  • The breadth of the industry (Over 700 magazines published in Scotland)
  • the high numbers of people employed in this industry (approx 1,300 F/T and 560 P/T staff employed, plus 4,400 freelancers)

plus the wide range of roles available, from Editorial to Advertising, via Analysis, Social Media and Marketing, with many more roles in-between!

…and the many organisations involved in periodicals publishing of all types (consumer, B2B, contract) – the Drum, White Light Media, the List, DC Thomson, Radge Media – to name but a few.

Download Nikki’s presentation for the full story –  Periodicals Publishing Association Presentation Jan 2016.

And Nikki’s top tips for getting into this area – in no particular order:

  • it’s essential to use social mediaTwitter, LinkedIn etc, to follow and connect with publishers, keep up to date, spot opportunities etc (and employers will google you if you apply for work, and be suspicious if you’re not there)
  • be open minded about roles in publishing – it’s not just about editorial – try other roles (including sales!) – you may well enjoy them!
  • be proactive in looking for opportunities, don’t wait for the advert, use social media to network, and well-researched and targeted speculative applications
  • blog, and send a link to publishers you’d like to work for – showcase your work and interest
  • go along to publishing events whenever you can, get to know the industry

And use the Careers Service publishing resources to research this area in more detail.



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