Interested in paid work in the voluntary sector? What skills will you need?

voluntary-sector-arms-in-air-graphic-1300Many PPLS grads move into careers in the voluntary/charity sector (there’s Rose working for VSO, Rebekah with RSPB, Naomi managing a national women’s helpline, Rebecca with an environmental agency, to name but a few).

So what sort of skills and experience do you need to get into this sector? An interesting new addition to the Prospects website lists:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Commitment to the cause

as vital for a career in this sector. Read more via the article what skills do charities want?’

Get ahead with your career in this sector by making the most of all the opportunities here at Edinburgh for you to gain experience and skills and demonstrate commitment to a cause, via:

  • the wide range of clubs and societies,
  • volunteering opportunities,
  • using your vacations productively

…and more – start your research via our ‘Looking for work‘ information (particularly the internships, vacation work and part time work sections) and volunteering information.

And take a look at all our resources on working in the voluntary and charity sector, including job profiles, vacancy sources, career pathways, Twitter lists and more.



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