Your PPLS degree and your career choices

There’s a great article on Guardian Careers this week about the value of arts and humanities degrees – if you recognise the strengths you develop, are able to articulate these to employers, and combine this with evidence of using these strengths in the workplace.

You’ll develop

  • ‘a broader understanding of behaviour and self-awareness, which are valuable assets in the workplace.”, according to Lydia Fairman, owner of HR and consulting firm Fairman Consulting
  •  ‘self-discipline, organisational skills, and a drive to keep going. It’s habit forming and helps you throughout your life.” (as you may only be committed to a few hours of lectures a week, and the rest is up to you)says Lisbeth McGuire, founder of Giraffe CVs
  • …..and more

Advising you to:

  • reflect on what you’re enjoying most about your course (is it content, skill-development….other?),
  • research what your alumni have done (read PPLS case studies come along to our annual ‘Life Beyond your PPLS degree’ event in semester 2, to talk direct to alums, check out alum via LinkedIn ……..) PLUS
  • get some experience ‘use those summer jobs, internships and work during the academic year to try out the career you want. You might change your mind but the work experience will help you”

….this article gives you the advice, reassurance and ideas to ensure you make the most of your humanities degree.

Further advice and reassurance includes:

  • uncertainty at some stages in normal – don’t be afraid of it – work through it
  • the value of networking,
  • not being afraid to change your mind,

So read the whole article, and use your Careers Service resources to act on their insights and advice to ensure you make the most of your humanities degree. Get started with:


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