What can you do with your PPLS degree?…read on for new ideas…

The Careers team at my professional organisation Agcas  has been busy writing and updating job profiles recently, and the new list (below) attracted my attention as so many seemed to relate to the skills and interests of PPLS graduates:

  • Digital copywriter – LEL students may be particularly interested in this one, though open to any degree discipline
  • Family support worker – excellent for any psychology grad looking to gain experience for the psychology professions (clinical, health, educational…..), or for anyone looking to gain experience for social work, community work, etc
  • Health psychologist – speaks for itself….
  • Primary care graduate mental health worker – again, great experience for psychology grads interested in clinical psychology………
  • Product manager – this one taxed me the most, but when I read more about it, the connections to PPLS subject were there….understanding your market, and responding to feedback, being able to use data, IT, good organisation, communication …..skills from across the PPLS subject areas.
  • SEO specialist – any PPLS  (particularly Cognitive Science) grad wanting to use their digital awareness, technical ability, interest in marketing, PR, data ……
  • Teaching assistant – great experience prior to applying for the PGDE/CE/other teaching qualification route, or any psychology grad working towards educational psychology…

Above is just a fraction of the range of job profiles available on the Prospects website – explore the rest….

And for more ideas on just where your PPLS degree can take you, start with the resources on the PPLS careers web pages, . You’ll find:

  • subject-specific resources – what can you do with your degree?
  • PPLS graduate stories
  • PPLS graduate destinations

….and more


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