Teaching – grads from all the PPLS subjects become teachers…..

voluntary-sector-arms-in-air-graphic-1300A quick look at the job areas entered by PPLS grads will always throw up a handful of people  going straight onto a Teacher Training course (PGDE/CE), doing Teach First (a 2 year programme training you for teaching and management in schools in challenging schools),  getting pre-training experience  by working as classroom assistants, after-school activity leaders, TEFL teaching etc.

(And you can read/ listen to linguistics grad Rebekah , primary teacher and now education officer with RSPB Scotland, and psychology grad Rachel,  now a primary head teacher, via the PPLS graduate stories website.)

Key to getting a place to train to teach, is getting some experience of working with young people, particularly in a school setting.  A few ideas for what you can do include:

  • volunteering with LEAPS – their next information/training programmes will be in Sept/Oct
  • working with CHV (Children’s Holiday Venture)
  • work on summer camps/holiday play schemes in the UK or abroad during vacations – many are advertised via MyCareerHub
  • sign up for our Day in School programme which takes place in Feb – watch out for it via MyCareerHub 
  • check Student Association volunteering for opportunities to work with children
  • contact your old school during vacations, ask if you can work shadow
  • look out for any work with children/teaching via MyCareerHub

Experience is vital, both so you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge you’ll need for your application, and also to ensure it’s what you really want to do – as one recent Philosophy grad puts it

‘I’m very glad I got a (teaching) placement while I was still in uni……..As it turned out, I hated it, and I think learning that was even more useful – without the placement I could easily be doing a teaching qualification instead of an accountancy course right now, which would definitely have been a mistake.’

Applications for teaching will open early in Semester 1 – check out all the links and information you need via the Careers Service website occupation links, for teaching in schools in England and Wales, and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

And if you’re applying to England and like to watch and listen as well as read  – take a look at the UCAS Teacher Training videos – covering many topics relating to the teaching profession and your application.



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