Prepare for the Fair…..



….the big 3 day Fair is coming up fast, 3rd – 5th October!

Whatever stage you’re at in your university life, it pays to go to Careers Fairs – a chance to meet a wide range of employers, plus attend talks on a variety of topics – CVs, applications, interviews, assessment centres, your LinkedIn profile……

Do your research before hand – there are different employers and different types of employers on the different days. Explore who’ll be there on the different days:

  • Day 1 – a range of recruiters, internship providers and careers talks – from accountancy firms, financial institutions to internships providers such as Bright Green, and Mountbatten Institute for opportunities in New York, and so many more – check them all out via MyCareerHub
  • Day 2  – yet more recruiters, internship providers and careers talks – from law firms, Amazon, Civil Service, Creative Edinburgh, Teach First, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising….. and so many more – check them all out via MyCareerHub
  • Third Day – if you’re interested in working for a charity or not-for-profit organisation in the UK – get an insight into this sector, and find opportunities for gaining experience and working in this sector –  Frontline (fast track social work), Charityworks, Cancer research UK, GoodMoves, the Action Group, Alzheimer Scotland…..and more

Find organisations that interest you, go and talk to them – they’re here because they’re keen to recruit our students- ie you!

  • Early years student? – check out what experience and skills employers look for in their recruits, and any opportunities to gain experience via volunteering, work experience etc. eg check out Alzheimer Scotland, The Action Group, and more at the Third Day Fair,  if you’re looking to enhance your Clinical Psychology experience. You’ll also get a feel for the wide range of possibilities in the workplace. Go with an open mind, be prepared to think beyond the obvious.
  • Penultimate year? , investigate internship opportunities, explore possibilities,
  • Final year and beyond? – get insider knowledge on careers and employers you’re interested in – extremely useful for making effective applications

And as with most things in life, to get the most out of it, it pays to prepare!

Attend a Prepare for the Fair session  – book via MyCareerHub  – to ensure you make the most of this great opportunity to talk to a range of employers all under one roof, or watch our short video –  top 10 tips on how to prepare for a careers fair.

Make sure you take full advantage of this great opportunity on your doorstep. Employers have made the effort to come here to see you – now it’s your turn to make the most of this.

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