Advertising and AdMission – a career using skills across all the PPLS subject-areas

advertisingThose of you who made it to the Careers Fair a week or so ago may have come across the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and their AdMission campaign to attract graduates from varying discipline for some of the newer roles emerging in the profession, related to digital media and UX (User Experience). They are particularly keen to recruit students from psychology/cognitive science into the UX roles, and have organised internships with a range of Ad agencies through the internship agency STEP. Take a look at the opportunities, and see whether this is something for you. Plus read about one psychology grad’s Kea’s experience in UX here.

Graduates from all the PPLS subjects have skills to offer the advertising industry – read Philosophy grad George Gun on why the effective communications, research and investigation and analytical skills he developed studying philosophy are ideally suited to the advertising industry.

And LEL? your understanding of language construction, abilities with data management, and more – all valuable to the advertising profession, if you have an interest in this area of work.

Check out the many other ways to get into advertising other than the AdMission campaign. Take a look at all our resources and research different areas of the business and different entry routes via our online advertising careers information.

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