Marketing – a career-option for all PPLS students

Following an extremely informative Career Conversation with Laura Richardson, philosophy graduate and marketing professional, I’m summarising her slides and advice below. Read on if you’re a PPLS student wondering about a career in Marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is defined as everything an organization does to facilitate an exchange between itself and its customers/clients

So what is advertising?…simply put, it’s an area of marketing.

Advertising is a tactic, or specific activity conducted to implement a strategic marketing or public relations plan. Advertising may be one of the tools used to meet a goal.”

Other areas of marketing include; PR, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, and marketing research.

Source: The REAL Different Between Marketing & Advertising – MarketingProfs,

Different Roles ….


….and Settings…

Client side vs. Agency

  • Working for one ‘brand’ (in-house) vs working with many

Above-the-line, below-the-line, through-the-line

  • Above: Larger/more general audience, radio, T.V, cinema, print
  • Below: direct marketing / smaller audience, digital, social media, events, PR, in-store
  • Through: integrates both of the above

Start to think about what would suit you;

……your personality, skills, experience and strengths

Philosophy: critical analysis, analytical problem solving, presenting ideas, writing persuasively, new ideas and ways of thinking:      skills particularly suited to strategy, new business and account handling

Psychology: problem solving, data collection, understanding human behaviour and motivation, influencing behavioural patterns, communications skills:          skills particularly suited to market research, strategy, account handling, media planning and buying

LEL: analysing language, research skills, data collection, communication skills:    skills particularly suited to copywriting, account handling, market research

Let’s not forget your transferable skills – developed from your interests, part-time and vacation work, involvement in clubs and societies, and more…. !

Experience to give you the edge

What experience have you got, or can you get whilst you study, to give you an edge in this industry?

  • Student societies
  • Part-time job
  • Internships
  • Work shadowing
  • Industry research
  • Develop your own online content (blog, website, LinkedIn)
  • networking

Use the Careers Service website to investigate all of the above….

Routes into marketing

  • Traditional graduates schemes at large firms (smaller agencies may also take on grads)
  • Do an internship (look at MCH, but also be ready to apply speculatively)
  • Further study (postgraduate courses)
  • Connections (follow up with contacts you have made through networking (50% of positions in this area are not advertised!)

Investigate your options

Last but not least – check out recent PPLS graduate who’ve gone into Marketing-related careers via the PPLS case study blog, and the blog post by philosophy grad and advertising professional, George Gunn, now at Leith Agency

(Follow this link to see Laura’s presentation in fullcareer-conversations_ppls_marketing_2017)

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