Taxing careers – endless variety

taxes-1015399_960_720Why Tax? – not usually top of students’ career-list!  But read on to hear why recent grad Hannah loves working in tax with professional services firm EY for its for endless variety, challenge, interest and international reach – tax law changes every year, and tax issues are different for every organisation.

‘Why Tax? It’s a very good question, when people think of tax they think of corporations avoiding taxes, paying too much taxes, too little taxes going to the right places. Tax has a negative feeling to it. It is something we have to pay, something people avoid, it’s not something most people want to be involved in. I’ve worked in tax for a year in a half now and I still stun people when I say I like working in tax.

Tax? Really? Yes really. Tax is an ever evolving mechanism of society, tax evolves with needs and people. Year to year new legislation comes in making each year different from the last. Each year new challenges, and more understanding is needed to work in tax. It’s not an area you could get bored in easily.

There is no pro-forma in tax, every aspect of what we do changes with the company we are working with, and in that way tax is individualised.

On a day to day basis, I work in tax compliance. I help companies understand new legislation, identify how the working of old legislation effects them, and how to comply with HMRC. Tax has a lot of client facing opportunities and within just compliance there is a significant amount of diversity. With companies expanding and the world focused on the idea of international business,  every week I have discussions with people in different parts of the world. We collaborate to help companies understand different laws and legislations.

I chose tax because I knew I wanted to work in an ever changing environment, but I didn’t expect the level of complexity that I found when I started my job last year. All of the skills I developed during my under graduate and master’s degree have been tested. There is so much involved in working out the amount of tax that is paid to HMRC, and I’m really enjoying the challenge which working in tax has given me.’

Intrigued by tax, or working for EY? Victoria will be happy to talk to you about what it’s really like to work in tax, or discuss applying to EY with a non-business degree. Contact here at

And read all our information on tax careers here.

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