Interviews are changing…find out how…

We’re into interview season for a variety of internships and graduate jobs – so time to get up to speed with some of the changes in interview practice.

Whilst the principle of preparing for interviews will always be the same:

Do your research on:

  • the role you’re applying for
  • the company offering the role, and the sector it operates in
  • why you want the role and evidence of your suitability

….what is changing is the way interviews are conducted and delivered.

Unilever, for example (of Dove, Flora, Ben and Jerry’s etc fame), is using gaming and video interviews to recruit graduates, and linking their application process to your linkedIn profile. Unilever claim that their new online recruitment programme uses digital analysis to remove the potential for unconscious bias in the recruitment process. Read more about their approach to recruitment here.

Why not try practicing the online games via the Pymetrics website. This will give you an insight into some of the games, and also a personal traits profile which could help you clarify your future direction.

Games and videos are not just another set of hoops to leap through in the competitive world of graduate recruitment – they are to assess your strengths and behaviours related to the workplace, and give you useful feedback, whatever the outcome of the interview process.

Other companies using gaming include Siemens and Google, and a wide range of recruiters use video interviews in their recruitment process – as a fairer (and potentially less expensive) alternative to initial face-to-face interviews.

There are a host of other selection activities which you may face, depending on the employer – find out more via our assessment centre advice, and practice using our resources on MyCareerHub (under the resources tab)

So, dont forget your traditional  interview preparation, as outlined above, and expanded on in our Interview Advice, you’ll need all that to succeed. But also be aware of new recruitment methods coming along, and be prepared!

For more on this, take a look at this informative blog post ‘Play games and score graduate jobs!’ from our colleagues at the University of Bath.













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