Life Beyond your PPLS Degree…coming soon… 2nd Feb

life-beyond-602060_960_720…yes, both the annual event, and the reality for PPLS students of Life Beyond your studies, are coming your way quicker that you may perceive!

To help you work out what your Life Beyond may look like, make a note now to come along to our annual Life Beyond your PPLS degree event – Thurs Feb 2nd, 5-7.30, 7 George Sq (stay as little or long as you like – there’s food and drink to sustain you!). Recent PPLS grads will be there to talk about their own experiences, and chat to you over refreshments.

For a taster of the information, inspiration and ideas you’ll get from listening to recent grads, take a quick look at the PPLS grad case-studies, written for recent Life Beyond events:

Even if you’re pre-honours, the years will fly by, and you’ll find yourself facing ‘Life Beyond’ quicker than you imagine; and if you’re a final year student, Life Beyond is looking you straight in the eye.

If you’re sorted with your plans for the great ‘Beyond’ – brilliant, well done for being ahead of the game, and good luck with exams and all your future plans.

If you’re unsure of your plans, need inspiration, ideas and advice from your peers, make sure you come along to this event – get it in your diary now. Life Beyond – Thurs Feb 2nd, 5-7.30, 7 George Sq


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