Interview coming up? Be positive about some negative preparation!


“The true positive thinker acknowledges potential and existing negative circumstances and reactions, and engineers a plan to overcome them, to achieve positive results.”

Although the above statement and steps below (freely adapted from an article by Dan Kennedy) were written for salespeople, in an interview, you’re actually trying to sell your skills, ability and suitability for a role to an employer – so the 6 steps transfer nicely into interview preparation.

Six Steps For Using The Positive Power Of Negative Preparation

  1. Forget preconceived labels of “positive” or “negative.” related to your suitability to the post
  2. Make a list of every question, concern, or objection that an interviewer could possibly come up with about your suitability for the position
  3. Make a list of everything challenging situation you could face in the job.
  4. Develop positive responses to all the negatives you’ve thought of.
  5. Having pre-thought your information, ideas, and examples, they’ll be at the forefront of your mind, making recall quick and simple
  6. Take great confidence from your thorough preparation.

If you include the steps above in your preparation – as well as considering

  • why you want the job,
  • why you’re suitable, (with examples of your relative competencies)
  • why you want to work for the organisation,
  • the benefits of your particular  experience

….you’ll be pretty well prepared and confident – to accentuate the positive and turn around any negatives with confidence!

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