CareerConfident – make a confident start to your future beyond your degree

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We’ll all be somewhere on that continuum from no to yes – and sliding up and down as we move through our life and face changes in our work, moving jobs, applying for promotions, changing direction – nothing stays still!

If you’re keen to move yourself along the scale from left to right, or just want to add more ‘tools’ to your career-toolkit for the future, take a look at what we’re offering during Career Confident week, from 30th Jan. Events of particular interest to PPLS students include:

Visits to local employers to discover what the workplace is really like. Leith Agency (home to several PPLS grads) and Age Scotland (great place for gaining experience for the psychology and caring professions) are 2 particularly relevant employers for PPLS students. Sign up via MyCareerHub

From clueless to confident (Panel session) – Do I need a 2:1 degree to get a graduate job? Are all the best graduate jobs in London? Bust the myths and get clarity on the job market – input from CharityWorks, BBC, Procter & Gamble and Attacat. (digital marketing)

From support in putting together an effective LinkedIn profile,  to networking (ie talking to people) effectively, via discussions on how to frame your life story effectively for recruiters, you’ll find something during this week to enhance your confidence as you move on through university to life beyond.

Take a look at the whole CareerConfident programme now, sign up for any sessions which grab your attention via MyCareerHub, and make sure you approach your future career with Confidence.

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