Funding for short-term work in Europe via Erasmus


Keen to work in Europe over the vacation, or after your studies, but not sure how to fund it? Read on!

Funding is available via the Erasmus scheme for students doing paid or unpaid traineeships (aka work! – your work in Europe does not have to have the label ‘traineeship‘.) in Europe.

Whats on offer?

  • Grants worth €380-430€/month depending on host country
  • 3 types of Erasmus traineeships:

Compulsory –  as part of your curriculum

Voluntary – vacation/term breaks

Graduate – following graduation

  • Available to students from any subject and any level, including PhD for supervised research projects

Eligibility criteria:

  • traineeship (work) of 2 months minimum, in an EEA or EU country (excluding the UK and Switzerland)
  • Eligible host organisations include public, private or non-profit organisations, higher education institutions, charities, etc.

Find full details of the scheme  at

Need help with finding opportunities?

BonVoyage! Gute Reise! Buon viaggio! ¡Buen viaje! Lycklig resa! …..


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