Internships – in Edinburgh – on campus…..


….they’re back!

The Employ.ed on Campus programme is now advertising 54 internship positions for summer 2017. Vacancies are open to 2nd, 3rd and penultimate UGs, and  live on MyCareerHub until 19th February- so get working on your applications asap.

As always, we’ve got some really interesting projects, related to marketing, IT, web-design, sustainability, digital media, events management, and more….  all areas I’ve been asked about by PPLS students over the years. This year’s projects include ‘Global Justice Academy Communications‘ in the School of Law, ‘Conservation e-learning‘ with ISG’s Special Collections, to ‘Researcher Well-Being‘ with Institute for Academic Development – and so many more – research, communications, festivals, IT, games-related- the list goes on. Check them all out via our website.

The Careers Service itself is also hosting an intern again this year, a project on ‘Web Development and Information’ – so if you’ve got ideas on how to manage our web-based information, this could be the project for you!

Check out our webpage for more information, and get started on your application – these internships are a great way to develop your skills and experience – and stay in Edinburgh over the summer!


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