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Grab an internship – these PPLS people did…

Whether you’re about to graduate and not sure what’s next, or wondering what to do with your summer – there’s still time to find internships. About to graduate? See what happened when Harriet (LEL grad) landed a graduate internship with … Continue reading

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Psychological therapies – explore the range of opportunities….

    NHS HealthCare England have just published a new booklet on all the different options for working with psychological therapies in the NHS, including: Assistant clinical psychologist Clinical psychologist Counselling psychologist Counsellor Forensic psychologist Health psychologist High intensity therapist Psychological … Continue reading

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Why TECH needs Humanities…..

‘Want to create the next iPhone or Uber? Start reading great literature’ I was intrigued by the title of this post on LinkedIn, and its resonance with PPLS, so read it in more detail. The author, Christian Madsbjerg* argues for the value … Continue reading

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Need some career inspiration….?

….use our range of online resourced to get inspired! Want a quick kickstart to evaluate where you’re at with your career-thinking? Try Career Explorer! – 10 simple quiz questions to get you started Looking for a bit more detail, using … Continue reading

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Getting work experience – being speculative – a student perspective

As a careers consultant, students often ask me about how to find internships, work experience, summer work, relevant experience……etc. Into the ensuing discussion I often float the idea of being pro-active about finding the experience you need, and approaching people speculatively via the most … Continue reading

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Applying philosophy skills to career decisions – post 3 of 3

In the final blog in his mini-series on the value of Philosophy in Business, Volunteering and Career, Lee reflects on how he has applied his philosophy skills to his own career decisions   Big Career Decisions Finally, a quick word … Continue reading

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Philosophy and the value of critical thinking in a volunteering role – post 2 of 3

Philosophy for Living – in Business, Volunteering and Career: The Value of Critical thinking in a volunteering role. In this second of 3 posts written by Lee Madden, Philosophy, Edinburgh, graduate 2006, now management consultant with EY., on the value of Philosophy … Continue reading

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