AIESEC, internships and volunteering this summer – hear it from a current PPLS student…

Hello there, I’m Amanda, a 2nd year Philosophy and Politics student guest blogging for the PPLS Careers blog this week. As PPLS students, we are repeatedly told how useful our degrees are to the real world:

  • Philosophy students can utilise all that rational thinking we’ve learnt over the four years in the workplace
  • Linguistics students are well-equipped to undertake careers ranging from marketing and publishing to speech and language therapy
  • Psychology students develop a broad range of skills that spans both science and the arts and opens up opportunities with a variety of employers

Yet, whilst at university it may seem difficult to see how just how our degree-skills can be utilised in a professional environment. AIESEC Edinburgh gives you the chance to do just that: interested? Well keep on reading…

What are we about? 

AIESEC Edinburgh is part of a global student run platform that promotes competitive internships and volunteering placements in over 127 countries. Being so heavily present across the world means that we have a strong alumni network as well as entities in various universities that mean that you will not only be working with your PPLS peers here on campus but you will be meeting and working alongside other students from across the seven continents.

The competitive exchanges that we promote follow our society’s ethos of professional and personal development. We want to take you out of your comfort zone and apply all the theories you learn as a PPLS student and apply them to the real world. We also align ourselves with the United Nations global initiative of Sustainable Development Goals, therefore if you choose to go on a volunteering exchange with us you will be working towards one of the 17 development goals thus making a contribution to a globally recognised initiative. If you are looking for a more professional placement, we provide internships in numerous fields that suit your skill set and degree programme.

Why did I join AIESEC? 

I was drawn to the professional team made up of people of different year groups, degrees and backgrounds all working towards one common goal. I have been trained in public speaking, marketing strategies and interviewing skills, all transferable to my future career. The committee is also made up of three PPLS students, which helps build a personal network within AIESEC Edinburgh. By joining our team, you can join 4 different functions: marketing, finance, human resources or exchange departments and there is scope for you to be promoted to a Team Leader or Vice President in each function. National and international conferences are a chance to meet other AIESECers and the opportunity to go on exchange as a team member in one of the 127 countries in which we operate is not be missed. I am excited to say that I will be working with an NGO in Argentina over summer, and have colleagues who will be in Vietnam, India and Egypt doing similar placements.

Our AIESEC mission since 1947 is to strive to promote exchanges here on campus through effective team work. You will be trained by AIESEC to help develop you as an all-rounder, and not just someone with a degree from PPLS. We balance professionalism with socials and regional meet ups. All we need is you!

Interested in joining our society? Contact

Looking for a competitive volunteering opportunity this summer? – we offer placements with NGOs across our 127 partner countries. Each project aligns itself with SDGs, chosen by the communities themselves, enabling you to tackle global issues and make a positive impact in the world. If you are interested or want more information, contact

If it’s a global internship you’re after this summer, we offer thousands of placements with various start-up companies, thus expanding your personal and professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures. So, if you’re interested in a professional placement, where you can live in a new city and immerse yourself in a new culture, contact

Apply here to get started on your application:

Deadline to apply for either placement: Friday 19th May 2017



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