Interviews – be a STAR…..

….shine in your interviews! 

Whether it’s your first graduate job, summer internship or work experience, make sure you display STAR qualities in your interview.

With questions such as:

  • ‘Tell me about a time when you worked in a team….
  • ….when your communication skills contributed to the success of an event……
  • ….when you solved a difficult (non-academic) problem…..’

–  competency questions appear with great regularity on  application forms, and come back to haunt you at interview –  so it pays to refine your STAR qualities.

What does this mean? It means being analytical in your response, not purely descriptive.

So think STAR!

  • S – a brief description of the Situation
  • T – outline the Task to be done
  • A – talk through the Action you took (NB you, not we, in team questions)
  • R – what was the Result of your actions

Need an example? –

Situation I am on the committee of the University’s Landscape Photography Club. There are 6 members on the committee.
Task We arrange an exhibition of students’ work every year.  Last year due to a lack of co-ordination we found ourselves behind in getting the venue set up.
Action I organised a meeting where I suggested a systematic plan with each committee member agreeing to take on specific jobs. I checked progress throughout and reported back to the committee .
Result We co-operated and communicated more effectively and this meant we caught up and managed to open the exhibition on time.

Whether in writing or verbally at the interview, giving examples of competencies or strengths, if you stick to being a STAR, you wont go far wrong.

Final impressions also make a big impact – so make sure yours is positive – think of the questions you want to ask – get ideas here – and leave with a smile and a thank you.

Find out more on applications and interviews via our web resources (advice, downloads and videos), and make sure you practice being a STAR, and get more ideas for your own questions, via our Interview Simulator resource on MyCareerHub, (find it under the Resources tab).

Make sure your STAR qualities shine at your interview.

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