It’s not just what job you do, it’s where you do it………

…….and who benefits from the job you do, too!

When thinking of your future career-direction, it’s easy to get hung up on the job area – marketing, finance, advertising etc, and make decisions – to consider an area, or dismiss it –  without fully considering the many different types of organisations you could work for, or who your work might benefit.

Not sure what I’m getting at? Let me give you an example:

Some students are keen to work in the Third Sector (not for profit, charity sector, social enterprise etc) and overlook work in finance or marketing and advertising, as not being in keeping with their particular mindset.

However, the Third Sector needs its accountants, advertising and marketing professionals to ensure they can function, and to get their messages across to people. There may be fewer opportunities to train within the Third Sector, (though there are public sector accountancy training opportunities with the NHS, local government and more, plus some grad schemes such as Charity Works and Cancer Research UK); however, making the move after gaining training and experience in the private sector, or working for the agencies that work with the sector, is certainly one route to making a difference in this sector.

Another example – read  how advertising is a social as well as an economic force for good in Scotland via our recent Inform.ed blog post. 

So when considering your direction – make sure you also think about the type of organisation you want to work for, as well as the type of work you want to do – it can make a world of  difference to whether you enjoy your work or not.

Our Career.Ed workbook, and the Career Assessments on MyCareerHub (under the Resources tab) can help you work out the type of organisations that may fit best with you.

Of course – you may just want to work in an area because you’re passionate about advertising, marketing, finance ….etc – and that’s fine too!


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