Speech and language therapy, art therapy and other allied health professions…

 …these are career area explored by many  psychology and language science students. An interesting presentation came my way this week, from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University, which runs many of these courses – Diagnosing future careers in the Allied Health Professions  .

The presentation offers useful advice to students considering allied health professions, wherever they choose to apply in the UK, including what you should be able to demonstrate in the personal statement in your application

Personal Statements should show:

  • Motivation to work in specific field
  • Interest in helping others
  • Detail relevant experience
  • Evidence skills required of the role
  • Team working and leadership
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Personal qualities relevant to the profession: empathy, understanding, patience etc

In order to demonstrate your suitability for these professions, you’ll need to be adding to your experience throughout your time at university. Useful activities include:

The presentation also covers the advantages of working in allied health professions – which include:
•Varied working environments
•Work as autonomous professionals and as part of a wider team
•Opportunities both nationally and internationally
•Mixture of science and humanity – Facts, problem solving, analytical, technological, science – People, emotions, uncertainty, caring, life & death
•Over 95% Graduate Employment rate

– plus information about funding such courses – including the new postgraduate loans now available in Scotland.

Want to explore further? – read all the presentation via the link below

Diagnosing future careers in the Allied Health Professions

and take a look at our online information and advice covering these professional areas.

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