Let’s get analytical – careers in big data and IT – take your psychology and LEL data-analysis skills beyond the obvious ….

  • Do you enjoy the stats/data analysis part of your degree?
  • Are you keen on quantitative analysis?
  • Do you actively enjoy using R or SPSS?
  • Are you interested in taking these interests into your career?

If so, then Big Data employers may be interested in what you’ve got to offer! It’s not just for computer scientists or informatics students. (eg – our annual Careers in IT Fair is open to all disciplines – as least half the employers attending recruit from non IT disciplines!)

Big Data employers  value students who can show they have knowledge of specific technologies (your R and  SPSS skills included) and have relevant transferable skills  (these may include curiosity, problem-solving, attention to detail, good interpersonal skills, business acumen).

Psychology graduate  Nick went straight from his psychology degree to work as a data analyst with Dunnhumby.

As Nick says – The statistics side of Psychology really helped, understanding how to get answers from numbers to prove that customers had changed their behaviour.’

Linguistics grad Laura works as a clinical systems analyst with TPP

‘As a linguistics and languages student, I learned to recognise patterns in unfamiliar texts. This experience has been really useful for the fast-paced work environment at TPP, and for getting familiar with the software itself.’, says Laura

Want more on the role of a data analyst? – read on

Interested in exploring graduate training schemes and internships with a big data theme ? Here’s a few to get you started –  check MyCareerHub and Data Scientist jobs for more.

  • Accenture – Analytics innovation centre
  • Atos – French multinational IT services corporation. ‘Whatever your degree discipline, our technical graduate schemes will launch your career in the technology industry‘.
  • Keyrus – specialist Big Data & analytics consulting firm
  • Capital One – Financial services company
  • Centrica – British multinational utility company
  • CGI – Leading independent information technology and business process services firm
  • Cisco – American multinational corporation, world leader in IT solutions
  • Dunnhumby – Customer science company (see psychology-grad-Nick’s profile)
  • HP – Multinational information technology corporation
  • IBM – multinational technology and consulting corporation
  • PwC – Data Analytics
  • Sainsbury – Humanalysts,  Sainsbury’s data and analytics centre of excellence
  • TPP – Healthcare software specialists – ‘looking for bright, geeky graduates from all disciplines for our Software Developer and Graduate Analyst roles – no experience is required’ (see LEL grad Laura’s profile)

Fancy getting some practice and experience to test this career idea further? Try some of the ideas below.

  • Coding practice – not sure how to code? Or want to develop your skills? Try free online coding practice websites.  Codecademy  is a good place to start
  • Meetups – big data or start up meetups are a great way to network in a fairly informal setting. Useful in learning more about the sector, getting to know people, working out whether this really is a sector for you, and getting your face and name known.
  • Big data week –  events in cities across the world, including London. Even if you cant make it to an event, interesting to see what’s going on.

Related ideas?

The games industry? – psychology and LEL skills can be put to good use in many aspects of the games industry. Explore data-related work experience via our Computer Games Careers Information. If you find work experience or internships advertised, then great, apply! If not, try  speculative applications.

 So think beyond the obvious – unleash your PPLS skills and abilities from the predictable.

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