Psychologists – and other PPLS subjects – will be in demand in graduate careers of the future…

It’s hard to escape articles on the effects of robots and AI in the job market – speculation on which jobs will go, which will stay and evolve, where the new growth areas for graduates will be.

 A recent article on the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) blog, titled ‘Graduate Careers of the future’ makes interesting reading for PPLS students and graduates. Here Tom Lakin, of Resource Solutions considers the jobs that graduates and schools leavers will be doing in the future.

Points of interest include:

  •  65 percent of today’s schoolchildren will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created.
  • as we adapt to humans and robots working together, expect an increase in opportunities for psychologists – good news for psychology students
  • repetitive aspects of legal, financial and data analyst jobs will go to the robots
  • Regulatory and policy professionals, ethical advisers, virtual designers and professional coaches will all have an increased role – good for all PPLS students – many of you find your way into these professional areas.
  • key traits that will be valuable for employers are curiosity and flexibilityinnovation and entrepreneurship

Read the article in full for more ideas of what’s in store in the workplace of the future – and get working on your curiosity, flexibility innovation and entrepreneurship!

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