Experience Works – one philosophy student’s experience of an Employ.Ed internship

In anticipation of our ExperienceWorks campaign, beginning 6th Nov, I’m delighted to share insights from 3rd year philosophy and politics student Iwona, on her experience of  an Employ.Ed on Campus Internship last summer.

Last summer I was an Employ.Ed on Campus Intern, and I’m keen to share my experiences of the internship with you, plus emphasise the broader benefits – it’s so much more than extra cash for summer.

Event and Marketing Intern for the School of Astronomy and Physics, the focus of my internship was to organise an event on Bioinformulation in September (no I had no idea what that was before I started the internship either – I now know that it refers to the knowledge of how to put things together to get, for example a healthy yoghurt, durable paint, effective antibiotic). To ensure the event was a success I had to:

  • quickly gain enough understanding of the subject area to be able to organise and promote the event effectively
  • get to grips with the complexities of how the university is organised and administered
  • identify and research relevant organisations and industry bodies to invite to the event
  • present my findings to academics 
  • contact and progress-chase participants and invitees
  • develop all marketing materials
  • run a promotional social media campaign 

The EmployEd Internship Programme is supported by a variety of workshops including:

  • Project Management,
  • using LinkedIn 
  • articulating your internship skills via your  CV and in interviews.

These are great preparation for moving on after graduation.  

Other things I gained/learned from this internship?

  • insight into how the university operates beyond teaching and handling student affairs, and the many career paths a university offers which I hadn’t considered eg academic support work, event organisers, personal assistants, marketing, stats, IT to name but a few. 
  • experience of an ‘office-based’ role and that this term is not synonymous with ‘repetitive and tedious’
  • confidence in handling workplace situations and working with a wide variety of different people
  • academics are human! ( apart from a hidden super-ability in attention to detail!)
  • new friends and a support/professional network with fellow-interns and university staff
  • The Edinburgh Award – a great way of keeping track of your progress and what you’re gaining from your internship, plus extremely useful when you are looking for examples to give at job interviews!

My advice to all the students who are thinking about applying to do an internship with Employ.Ed?– do it it’s great!

If you’re not thinking about it think about it! you can only gain from it.

Yes, the process of recruitment is competitive, and the recruiting managers take this very seriously so make sure you prepare well and put considerable effort ino your application if you want to secure a place.

And use your Careers Service to support you – many thanks to all the careers staff who helped me through the application process, practice interviews, via workshops and checking in with me after my internship was completed.

EmployEd on campus opens for applications next semester. Explore all our resources for finding internships and work experience via our website.

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