Marketing Mackie’s crisps, via a Scotgrad internship – a PPLS grad’s story

I’ve just received a fascinating potted history from PPLS grad Harriet (LEL grad 2015) on how she started her career in marketing with Mackie’s, (of crisp and ice-cream fame). Her case-study makes fascinating reading. She talks about:

  • finding her direction, when she realised how broadly she could use her LEL degree, and how important her personal strengths and interests (including good Scottish food and drink!) were to her choices
  • the value of her involvement in student societies (the Triathlon club in her case) for showcasing relevant skills for marketing (despite not having studies marketing) to employers
  • getting a foot in the door via a Scotgrad graduate internship
  • the importance of the type of employer you work for – in her case a small family-run firm, to your job-satisfaction.

…and so many other great insights and advice for current students.

Follow this link to read Harriet’s whole story


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