Get prepared to nail that interview!

Interviews, as well as essay and dissertation deadlines, and exam revision are looming large on the student horizon, at present, if the uptake of  practice interview slots with our Careers Consultants is anything to go by. Whether it’s for graduate jobs, internships, summer jobs or further study courses – make sure you’re as well prepared as possible to nail that interview. (previous students have compared the preparation process to revising for an exam!)

For the full lowdown on what you may face in a 21st century interview – take a look at this webpage on Interviews – Traditional, new and emerging formats – and how to prepare.


  • How to prepare
  • Different types of interview formats
  • types of questioning you may face – and tips on how to answer them
  • what to do – and not do – before, during and after the interview
  • further sources of support for interviews

.this webpage can help take your preparation to a new level.

Make sure you’re as prepared as possible for anything an interview can throw at you – including the unexpected!  Start here.



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