An educational psychology career – get the lowdown from someone who knows!

A recent psychology careers seminar featured Heather Garton, Depute principal Educational psychologist for Edinburgh City Council. Heather did a great job explaining the role of the Educational Psychologist in Scotland, and giving an insight into the range of activities that make up the work of an Ed Psych. You can download her very informative slides at the link below.

A career as an Educational Psychologist

If you’ve got any queries about this career area, Heather is happy for you to contact her – her email is on the slides.

And if you’re wondering just what experience might be useful for preparing you for the Ed Psych training course, below you’ll find a list of jobs/experience gained by recent students on the Dundee course, before getting onto the course there, to spark your ideas – it’s not exhaustive!

  • Assistant educational psychologist
  • Teacher/TEFL teacher
  • Assistant in a special school / Teaching assistant / learning support assistant
  • Learning mentor / tutor
  • Early years worker, Childcare Worker / Nursery Assistant
  • Undergraduate psychology dissertation and placements
  • SureStart volunteer
  • Homework club volunteer
  • Educational social work
  • Youth and community worker/ Youth advocacy
  • Play worker
  • Childline volunteer
  • Parent advocate
  • Family support worker/ Child support worker
  • Camp counsellor (eg Camp America)
  • Children’s clubs eg Brownies, CHV (Children’s Holiday Venture)
  • Research assistant
  • Outdoor instructor/ Clubs/Sports Coaching experience

For more ideas, and where to look for opportunities, read the Educational Psychology section of the handout ‘My Psychology Degree, Where Next?’, available here.

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