Still looking for something productive to do in the long vacation…..?

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Then check out MyCareerHub! – there’re still lots of summer work opportunities being advertised there.  From summer play-worker to Historic Scotland visitor assistant, heaps of Festival opportunities, activity leader,  summer camps at home an abroad……there’s still a wide range of things to apply for – browse MyCareerHub now!

If there’s nothing there that grabs your attention, check out other opportunities via the links on our Vacation work and Internship web pages, or Volunteer to gain experience and make a difference.

Experience doesn’t have to have the word ‘internship’ attached to it to be valuable! In many areas  structured internships either don’t exist, or you have to work harder and be proactive to track them down. Read how one PPLS student networked his way to work experience with the Scotsman.

Read the PPLS grad case studies blog for more inspiration – lots of ideas from recent grads on the work and experience they gained whilst at university (check the Career History and Relevant Experience sections).

Make the most of your summer to enhance your skills and experience, widen your horizons, and maybe even make some money!

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